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Bethsheba – BB001

Bethsheba – BB001
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Bethsheba, is an acrylic on canvas portrait of a registered Arabian mare. The dam of Bethsheba was a registered half-Arabian. Val Atoms First, owned by the artist. The sire was a registered full-blood Arabian, Araggon, a multiple U.S. Champion. In 1989, Val Atoms First was bred to Araggon, and the outcome produced Bethsheba. Val Atoms First has a sentimental connection to the artist and thus inspired this work.

The magnificent beauty and refined characteristics of the Arabian breed separate this equine from the others. As the oldest known breed of horse the Arabian makes for a superior mount for endurance. Many have observed the endurance capabilities of these magnificent steeds throughout the centuries. Though selective breeding the breed has developed specific characteristics which produced an equine with stamina and intelligence. Legend says that a sheik, Salaman, and his tribesmen were driving a herd of horses through the desert. While going without water for days they came upon a desert pool. The horses, seeing this water, galloped full speed toward the pool. Sheik Salaman blew his horn to signal the thirsty herd to stop, but only five mares obeyed and came to a halt. These five mares became the foundation breeding stock of the Arabian horse.

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